Top 5 Green Driving Habits

We are deeply concerned about caring for our environment and doing our best every day to be a bit greener, a bit eco-friendlier. Our commitment is carried out in our facility daily, but car washing is only a small part of the puzzle. The rest of the responsibility belongs to the driver. We’ve gathered five ways of helping you be green and Earth-conscious without buying a new hybrid or electric car.

1. Planning saves time and fuel
Think about your itinerary, check online planning tools such as Google Maps or Waze and take the best route suggested. The significant advantage of using digital planning apps is that these are based on real-time information, and you can avoid traffic congestions. Try to leave 10-15 minutes ahead of the necessary time to rule out the possibility of being late which would make you accelerate or have a risky behavior in traffic. Constant driving at a medium rate is the most efficient choice.

2. Perform regular maintenance work
Follow thoroughly with the recommendation of the manufacturer regarding filter replacement, oil changes and measuring emissions and particles. Although a bit tedious, through routine maintenance your car live longer and perform better. Some studies show that you can save up to 10% in fuel consumption by putting in a new air filter.

3. Clean-up your vehicle
If you are like most people, you are sure to carry around some unnecessary baggage in the trunk just because you are too lazy to clean it up and give it a more proper home. We also trick ourselves into the idea that we might need those things at some point. For example, stuffing your car with sports gear, barbecue tools make it more cumbersome and more fuel-hungry. Keep only emergency items like a spare wheel, medial kit, and fire extinguisher.

4. Inflate your tires
You might not even think about it, but the air (or lack of it) in your tires is accountable for a critical percentage of the overall fuel consumption. A study showed that just following the recommended pressure could save two billion gallons each year.

5. Check your gas cap
This is something that few people think about, but it can make a difference. Every half-year or so take a look at the gas cap and check it for leaks. Since gasoline and other petroleum-based products are highly volatile, you might be wasting fuel without even moving your car. And don’t say that can’t happen to you, almost one in five vehicles have this problem.

To conclude, even if you are not a fervent eco-militant, just think that being green is another way of being thirsty and making some savings for yourself first.