What does quality car washing mean? Top 5 indicators

When you choose a car wash, you want the best bang for your buck, without accepting less than top quality. However, how do you define the best for this service? What should you ask from your car washing company to make sure you get the best for your vehicle and the environment at the same time?

We’ve selected the top 5 things washing quality and that you should pay attention to when visiting a car wash.

1. Water quality

It might seem like a no-brainer, but the hardness of the water has a definite effect on the final result. If the amount of minerals, especially calcium in the water is too high, the washing will be less than satisfactory for some reasons. First, it prevents the soap from being adequately washed off. This builds an unaesthetic residue on the car. Next, the calcar deposits left on the clear coating can cause damage over time. If you live in an area with hard water, ask your car wash manager if they use water softeners.

2. Water temperature and dry tunnel temperatures

The best results are attained when using hot water, but due to cost control, this is harder to implement. However, it is essential to have warmer water at least in some parts of the process, when removing stubborn dirt or when making the final rinsing of the soap.

If using heat blowers to dry the car in a tunnel, it’s best for these to be set to high temperatures, especially in the cold season, when natural drying is not possible, and water can freeze on sensitive parts.


The number one reason to go to a car washer instead of doing it yourself is the possibility to benefit from pressure washing. The higher the pressure, the better the wash and the less force is needed, when scrubbing, thus reducing the risk for accidentally scratching the paint.


If you care about your car’s well-being in the long run and that of the environment ask your favorite car wash if they use biodegradable detergents. Also, it’s important to know what happens to the wastewater. As a commitment to the environment, you should only choose those companies which collect and neutralize the wastewater or recycle it.

5.Manual care

In the fast-forward era, there is a tendency to do everything automatically. However, there’s a reason for which top cars are assembled manually. In the same way, every car has parts which deserve some hands-on love. Pick a car wash which pays attention to details, especially if you have an exquisite leather or wood interior which requires a bit more care than just a bit of dusting.