The Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Your Car

Do you know what to do when it comes to washing your car the right way?

We all have that neighbor who washes his car on the driveway, but is this the best way to keep it nice and shiny? As professionals, we have some advice for you.

The don'ts of washing your car

1. Don't wash your car after a long road trip. Washing a hot car can damage some of its parts. It is also harder to prevent soap from drying on the paint before it is washed out, just leaving your car with streak marks and soap deposits.

2. Don't let your car air-dry. Either use a tunnel dryer or a soft microfiber cloth which also makes the paint look shiny. Air drying will always leave water marks.

3. Don't use circular motions to clean your car. Scrubbing with a sponge in circles will make the microscopic dust particles scratch the top coat of paint leaving the vehicle with noticeable rounds scratches. If possible, don't scrub at all, just use good products under pressure washer.

4. Don't use the same cloth or tools you use for cleaning the tires or any other part of the car. Since these accumulate a lot of dust particles, you risk getting your car dirty again.

5. Don't forget to open the hood and the trunk and do some cleaning in those areas too.

The do's of washing your car

1. Do wash your car at least once a week. This prevents dirt accumulation and keeps the paint job looking great for longer.

2. Do use only professional product design for car washing. General cleaning products from around the household can damage the paint due to higher acidity.

3. Do use pressure washers instead of water from a bucket or a simple hose. This helps to remove dirt more easily and prevents scratches.

4. Do use a microfiber drying towel. While you should definitely stay away from polyester which is abrasive, cotton can leave some traces what microfiber is the best option, being both absorbent and soft.

5. Do trust your local eco-friendly car wash instead of doing the job yourself. Even if it seems more expensive, to you, in fact, you are saving water, preventing pollution, and being a greener citizen.

Whenever you have to wash your car think about the impact you have on the environment in the long run. It is enough that you put out there a carbon footprint while driving, you don't need to do additional damage by polluting the soil and the waters.

The best advice is to leave this job to professionals while you enjoy some time off with your family.