10 Steps to Buying a New Car

Getting any car is an event to be celebrated because a vehicle it's not only an item it usually becomes a member of a family, some cars even have names of their own. Here are the ten essential steps when buying a new car.

1. Define your needs. Why do you need a new car and what do you expect from this purchase? Are you a thriftier shopper or you are ready to splash the cash on a car which looks good and is a social statement? Think about how many people will usually ride with you and how important safety is.

2. Do your research. There are so many options available both online and offline that it can be intimidating and tiring to look for a new car. After you know exactly what you're looking for, go online and find some side by side comparison websites and look at your favorites with a more critical eye.

3. Define the budget. Take a look at your credit score and estimate how much you could get for your current vehicle if any. Spend some time thinking if you need those extra features which can add up to some thousands of dollars.

4. Decide if you will lease or buy the car. Leasing cars with lower rates per month, but also your vacation to have home insurance and even a mileage limit. You can't make any changes or upgrades to the car, and you don't own it at the end of the contract. On the bright side, if you lease, you can trade in your old car for a new one more often.

5. Make a shortlist. By now you should have a pretty good idea of what you want and if you can afford it. It is time to select those options that you would love and know them better.

6. Schedule a test-drive. Regardless of how cool a car looks from the marketing materials or your friends' stories, the best way to know if it's the right choice for you is actually to drive it.

7. Take care of financing and paperwork. After you have found the car of your dreams, it's time to do some research regarding the money. Don't get caught into interest-free loans and other options that sound too good to be true. Usually, these are just marketing schemes, and you end up paying more than it's worth.

8. Ask for specialized advice. Have your car of choice checked by an independent service before buying it. If the seller refuses this demand, there is something wrong with the car.

9. Sell your old car. If you change it, either trade it at the dealership or sell it for the right price.

10. Negotiate and close the deal. Even when buying a new car from a dealership you can still ask for a discount or having some extra options included for free.