Car Washing Versus Car Detailing

You might end up asking yourself why you should pay a small fortune on car detailing? Isn't this just another fancy name for car washing?

As we are about to tell you, the short answer is no. Auto detailing includes car washing, but it's much more than that, and it involves a lot of manual work. Sometimes it can take up to a few hours, depending on the type of car and how dirty it is.

What does exterior car detailing mean?
Compared to a tunnel washer, or even a standard pressure washer, car detailing is levels above. A few of the operations included which are not regular for car washing are cleaning the engine, touching up paint, removing scratches, dressing outside plastics and rubber, dent repairs, and ventilation decontamination.

After restoring your car to its original condition, during detailing you can also ask for applying protective coatings, waxing, as well as cleaning and dressing the tires.

What happens during interior detailing?
The real art of car detailing can be seen on the interior more than the exterior of the car. It all starts with a thorough vacuuming but goes way beyond this. It includes cleaning the seats, the ceiling, spot removal, and applying specific treatments either on textile or leather. Interior detailing also means paying attention to the dashboard, the console, the steering wheel, and other components.

As you can imagine, these actions take time and require a level of attention which makes the work very precise. Since this can only be done manually, it will cost way more than automatic washing or a simple vacuuming.

Can I do it myself?
We're not saying that car detailing is rocket science, but were also not advising you to do it yourself for three good reasons. The first reason is time, the second one is skill, and the last one is money.

As you've probably understood by now, car detailing can take a few hours if done right. If you think about it, most likely it will take up your whole weekend which you could otherwise spend with your family.

Next comes the level of skill needed for the final result. People working in this industry have hundreds of hours of practice and know how to remove the small parts of the dashboard and put them back together.

Finally, to get all the necessary products for a deep cleaning you would probably spend more than just taking your car to be detailed by professionals. The last problem is related to the environment. Using this kind of products on the driveway or your lawn can cause contamination of the soil and water, a thing that would never happen at a professional facility.

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