Get Your Car Ready for the Jacksonville's Winter Weather 
Get Your Car Ready for the Jacksonville's Winter Weather

The winter holidays are almost here, and you probably have a really long list of things to do. Really, there is a lot do. Last minute shopping needs to be done. The house needs decoration. Cards and gifts need to be bought. But you forget, your car needs some attention too! Your vehicle is important because you need it to get so many things done; you need to get it clean and ready before you plan that holiday travel or outing. This article will provide you with a few tips on how you can get your car ready and up to the task that the approaching holidays require of it.

Polish Using Interior & Exterior Wash
People tend to get so busy during the holiday preparations; they neglect their cars. Others feel like they can’t afford anything extra in their holiday budget. At Green Clean Auto Spa, we provide affordable carwash services year-round for Jacksonville residents. Every time is a good time to have your car cleaned, and the winter season is no exception. We have an automatic car tunnel where your car exterior is thoroughly washed and buffed dry. And as soon as the car is out of the tunnel, we offer free window cleaner and vacuums so you can have the car all shine up and dazzling, ready for the holiday adventures. If you live in Jacksonville or nearby, you should not only visit us before you make holiday travel or outing plans, make us your favorite carwash services company. You can also get Green Clean Auto Spa gift cards of various prices for friends and families in the spirit of Christmas. Check here to choose one of our locations near you.

Keep an Eye on The Temperature While Driving
With the current unsteady weather, we are faced with; you risk compromising your auto’s heating system because of the constant switch from the air conditioner to the heater as the weather changes occur. It is important that you keep your car engine temperature as low as possible to reduce the chance of compromising its heating system. Also, a periodic antifreeze flush/exchange is a great idea, as is a professional cooling system inspection, especially as you plan a long holiday road trip or outing.

Check Your Car Fluids
It is essential that the fluids your vehicles need are filled properly. It is even more important this winter, as you put that car to regular use. Take, for example, your transmission. Your transmission needs to be working properly to enable you to drive through hilly terrains. The snow can get tricky while driving. You need your transmission at it best. Go for a top up if low. Go for a transmission flush service if you suspect it’s not clean. Either way, get your car ready and kicking for the celebration!

Here at Green Clean Auto Spa, we provide various types of automatic carwash services in different locations in Jacksonville. Click here to see our menu. Stop by today.