How to Successfully Transport Your Christmas Tree with Your Car
How to Successfully Transport Your Christmas Tree with Your Car

The holidays are upon us and preparations for the festive season have begun in every household. It is safe to assume that it is not different in yours.

Before the jingles and the gifts, the happiness and the love that surrounds the Christmas tree in this holiday spirit, your tree needs to get home safely. You probably will need to use your car, especially if delivery is not part of the purchase arrangement.

To make the process a hassle-free one for you, we have a few tips to help you through it.

Planning is everything. Gear up for the process. Before driving out to buy the tree, gather all the equipment you’ll need. Preferably, get them ready days before. Items you will need are blankets, tarps or plastic sheets to prevent your car interior and exterior from getting ruined by sap or scratched by needles. You will need rope, hard enough to secure the tree safely on the roof of a car but soft enough to not scratch the surface of the vehicle. Bungee cords or straps will do too.

A car wax is another item you will need. If you don't want to wax yourself, you can always stop by the best car wash in Jacksonville and get our managers special which includes our Spartan Shield protectant. Proper wax on your car will provide a safety shield for your car against the tree and hauling materials.

Also, size matters. Go for a Christmas tree your vehicle can carry – on the roof or inside. How easy the process will be without any damage to the car is dependent on size. The smaller, the better.

Net your tree. If possible, have them net it for you where you bought it. This will help in various ways. One, it’ll prevent any scratches from branches on your precious car. Two, it will ease the lifting process while protecting the tree from a breaking a branch or losing some pins.

To avoid wind damage, fit your tree to your car in the way that the butt end faces driving direction. While driving, the wind will push the branches and needles in the tree’s natural direction of growth. Tug at the tree before you start driving to make sure it is safe to move. If you don’t properly fasten the tree to your car, you’re prone to generate risky wreckage as you drive home. I guess that is not something you want to do – adding to the already high amount of accidents caused on U.S. roads by wrecks. Drive slowly till you get home; avoid highways or freeways if you can help it.

Clean your car immediately after. Make sure to remove any stubborn sap stains. Vacuum the car to get rid of stray needles as soon as you have successfully driven your Christmas tree home. The sooner you have your vehicle thoroughly washed, the less likely for any damage to occur to your vehicle.

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