8 Must Visit Places In Eastern North Carolina
Will you be visiting Jacksonville North Carolina and looking for places to visit while you’re here? No matter the reason you’re visiting our historic military town, we’ve compiled a list of must visit places while you’re here.

1. Lejeune Memorial Gardens

Location: Johnson Blvd (Hwy. 24), Camp Johnson gate entrance, Jacksonville, NC 28540
The Lejeune Memorial Gardens is an excellent US Military service memorial site created in honor of those who have served our country and have paid the great sacrifices required for our freedom. With free parking, magnificent statues of honors, Lejeune Memorial garden is a must visit for all who are visiting Jacksonville NC, military or non-military.

As a historic site, Lejeune Memorial Gardens receives local visitors, military, veterans and their families. You could take a walk and learn about history, or mingle and get to know other visitors, hear old combat stories, and so much more. Additionally, there are many options to see while visiting Lejeune Memorial Gardens, including the Beirut Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Montford Point Marine Memorial.

2. Lynwood Park Zoo

Location: 1071 Wells Road, Jacksonville, NC 28540
Visit the Lynwood Park Zoo and witness nature with the animals. This Zoo displays over 80 animals of various species, and since its opening in 1990, it has been a fascinating center for visitors.
At Lynwood Park Zoo you can enjoy this outing with your family or even visit alone; familiarize yourself with the different species, take photographs, and much more. They are open on Sundays, Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 10 am – 5 pm.

3. Veterans Memorial Jacksonville NC

Location: Johnson Blvd, (Hwy. 24), Camp Johnson gate entrance, Jacksonville, NC 28540
With Jacksonville being the 2nd largest base in the United States this is a significant place to visit while here. Visiting the Veterans Memorial you can virtually feel the impact of the heroes past. A visit to Jacksonville North Carolina without seeing the military memorial sites would be incomplete.

4. 9/11 Memorial Beam

Location: Johnson Blvd, (Hwy. 24), Camp Johnson gate entrance, Jacksonville, NC 28540
The 9/11 Memorial Beam is part of the Lejeune Memorial Gardens which it was created to commemorate the unfortunate September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center.

5. Hammocks Beach State Park

Location: 1572 Hammocks Beach Road, Swansboro, NC 28584
Visit Hammocks Beach State Park and experience the beautiful sights, camping, trails, boating, and fishing on our crystal coast. There are many activities to enjoy with your family at Hammock Beach State Park. Bring your cooler and pack lunch for the day.

6. Emerald Isle Beach

Location: Emerald Isle, NC
Another primary site of attraction is Emerald Isle's beaches. Your trip would not be complete without a visit to North Carolina's best beach.
There are more than a handful of Emerald Isle Events that you can enjoy like the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Easter egg hunts, Halloween Carnival; depending on the time of the year you’re traveling to Emerald Isle beach.

7. Mission Bbq

Location: 1638 Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28546
Of course, we are not going to end this post without mentioning a nice restaurant where you can fill up with great food, and meaningful history about their restaurant. There are many restaurants in Jacksonville where you could feel at home, but we have chosen Mission Bbq because of their intense respect for ALL service personnel, our country, and community. Mission Bbq first opened its doors on September 11, 2011, to make a change and show all of the patrons that our country is GREAT because of the heroes who serve.

8. Historical Assembly Building, North Carolina

Location: 720 Channel Blvd, Topsail Beach NC
Lastly, is Topsail Beach which carries much promise for visitors by housing the Historical Assembly Building containing amongst other things, the Missiles and More Museum. This museum is the home of real artifacts of bravery including exhibits of events such as the:
Pirates of Carolinas
Operation Bumblebee
The Women’s Air-Force Service Pilots

You can visit the museum, site see and learn, or take a walk down the beach and relax in the sun.