Why ECO-FRIENDLY washing is a top priority Today

We are bombarded with info about global warming, soil and water poisoning and other negative results of what we call civilization. Unless you decided to go completely green and retire your car for a bicycle or a full electric, you don’t only have a carbon footprint. You also have to live with the idea that you are contributing to pollution every time you wash your car. It’s a necessary evil you can only diminish by choosing ECO washing options and reliable car washing facilities.

The primary resource used by a car wash is water. First of all, it’s important to look at the sheer quantity consumed for each type of vehicle. In this case, 'eco' simply means minimizing the gallons as much as possible, without affecting the quality of the outcome and recycling the water.

To check this step, even taking your car to a professional car wash is a great leap towards becoming eco, compared to using your garden hose on your front lawn. The difference comes from the fact that all car washing businesses are using high-pressure nozzles to increase efficiency.

The International Car Wash Association states that a backyard wash will use up to 140 gallons of water, while the average for car washes is 40%, less than most washing machines. Most eco-friendly car washes recycle between 80-90% of the water right on site through a filtration system installed under the central tunnel or washing site.

For the best car wash, water is necessary but not enough. You also need some dirt removal agents. Unfortunately, most of these have a significant impact on the environment. This is because once these chemicals end up in bodies of water or soil, they can take decades to break down. In the meantime, they can kill the animals, poison plants and generally affect the ecosystems they enter.

Eco-friendly car washes use only environmentally friendly substances that are biodegradable. As an additional safety measure, they also collect all the wastewater and filter it before reusing it or releasing into the natural circuit.

The difference between washing your car at home is that you don’t have either the collection system or the filtering capabilities to remove all dangerous or poisonous particles.

The Right Decision
Taking into consideration this info and multiplying them by the number of times you wash your car you can sense the magnitude of something that initially seems trivial. Now’s the time to enjoy your shiny ride at a reasonable cost.

Since we understand this, we want to make you an offer you can’t refuse and give you unlimited washes for a whole month at the price of a dinner. That could be as low as $1/day if you love us and your car so much or more likely, the cost of a coffee every week.